.... Our First Blog Post! Welcome!

Happy New Year from the three of us at Loft 106! Opening up a clothing store is our biggest plan for not only this new year but this new decade! With that being said, construction is officially under way and we would love to bring you along this exciting process!


We are unit 106 in the Bauer Loft Buildings, directly across from the Bauer Bakery (YUM!) and beside our dear friends at Mark Nunes Apparel ! There is plenty of parking in the Bauer parking lot and even more in the parking garage for those snowy days that you don't feel like scraping off your car after an afternoon of shopping! Just park there and bring the elevator up to the Bauer Loft Shops!

For a few months we searched for the perfect spot for our new women's clothing store and when our good friend Mark from Mark Nunes let us know there was a spot right beside him we jumped on the opportunity and signed the lease! Be sure to visit Mark and his beautiful wife Marina for the most gorgeous pieces and best tailoring in the city! 

Two amazing clothing stores right beside each other... groceries across the way at Vincenzos and lunch at the Bauer Kitchen.. not to mention our other amazing neighbours and the businesses around us! This place is truly unique and a little community you could easily spend the day at, for a one stop shop! We are so happy to be apart of the community here!

Now onto the construction side of things... !


Our vision for Loft 106 is an industrial yet chic design concept! Neutrals with hints of soft pinks and forest greens, pops of gold and black.. we dream of our customers walking into a beautiful airy space, full of different clothing lines without feeling stuffy. The place stays warm and cozy yet also airy and bright! Just as if we were welcoming you into our home!

We have been working with Andrea from Buttercup designs to achieve the exact vision we were looking for and she used her talent and did just that with us! Check out our empty space and take a sneek peek of what our plan is! We are so excited to bring our vision to life!


Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram for the rest of Loft 106 progress and o help us with the design and planning !

Let us know your thoughts so far in the comments section below! And of course, we can't wait to shop with you!



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